Amanda Hughes▸ Task 5: Information Systems

Students can share their work through blogs (e.g. edublog) or OneNote. Both of these platforms will allow students to create work (for example, an opinion on an issue such as cyber bullying or stem cell research). They can also engage in conversations about the issue. This includes asking questions about other people’s work, or adding their own view points. This needs to occur in a respectful manner, and this can be highlighted in these particular whole class tasks. The teacher is able to have ultimate control, deleting comments if required. This can then lead to individual discussions about how to be respectful of other people’s points of view, even when they do not match our own. Justification of viewpoints with facts and figures will also ensure that the students are exposed to a variety of information. This will increase learning by all students that actively engage in the task, increasing their understanding and respectfully seeking other individuals point of view.

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