Vetea Facchini▸ Task 3: Data- Representation

Treasure Hunt/ Save Me
Each student is given a numbered clue to find the treasure/rescue the person. First students in pairs have to encode a clue (using Morse code/binary/code system developed by the class). Once clues have been encoded by the students, all the clues come back to a teacher. Encoded clues are then given back to the students, so each student has a different clue. Students are then given some time to decode the clue. Once the clue has been decoded, whichever pair has the first clue reads it out and the class moves to wherever the clue has told them to go. At each place will be a sign saying the treasure/person has been moved for some reason and to read the next clue. The clues will take the class to different areas of the school until they finally arrive at the treasure/person. #cserTask3

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