Trish Dower▸ Task 2: Data- Patterns & Play

As part of an action research project on building cooperative team skills I introduced a method of gathering data from classes to self evaluate how they have worked in relation to a particular skill or focus around cooperative learning/team skills.
I used a simple method of students placing a counter into a cup with ratings from 1 – 5. 1 indicating little or no evidence of demonstrating to targeted skill and 5 being that the student had self evaluated they had demonstrated this skill to the best of their ability.
Over a course of a school term, this focus on developing cooperative skills and tracking student self evaluation enabled the kids to reflect upon the link between the way in which they had worked and the success they had experienced in the lesson/s. For me, it also provided me with an opportunity to provide timely feedback to students and for me to reflect upon ways in which I could target students to support their learning.

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