Julie Daly▸ Task 7: Visual Programming

Hi everyone, I have chosen option 2 for this task. My classroom activity is using the Scratch Jnr. app on iPads and links in with creative writing/literacy skills. I would ask students to explore the app initially to get a feel for it and peruse the different options for creativity and watch the tutorial on how to use it etc. ( depending on the year level/previous experience of the app, this may take a whole session or a few minutes to complete). I would then ask students to create a comic book style story using one of the settings and characters available on the app. The complexity and length of their stories would depend on ability and year level. Students would then be asked to use the app to bring their story to life with basic animation using code and voice over of their text. I envisage this to be a project that may take some time to complete but that would make an excellent visual display (of both the hard copy and digital animation), is an ideal assessment activity for both digital technology skills and English skills, and is a way of integrating multiple curriculum areas to improve the efficiency of classroom time.

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