Gabriella Lindeman▸ Task 6: Algorithms & Programming

Option 2 – Algorithm and Programming
When I am teaching lessons with these concepts as the main focus I find the resources I have attached really useful!

I always begin with a conversation/ story to introduce the vocab and concept etc. Usually, I use the 'baking a cake story'. I tell them that I love cakes and on the weekend I baked one. I tell them the steps – I preheated the oven, gathered all of the ingredients, mixed the mixture together with milk, flour, eggs. I put it in the oven and 15min later I realise I forgot the sugar, so I pull the cake out and quickly add the sugar. The students quickly pull me up and say that cake won't turn out and we talk about why, which leads to the concept of completing the steps in a set order. I then introduce vocab and we discuss what it means.

They then give me algorithms to perform – walking from point A to point B – this helps them be specific with their instructions etc.

The resources below are great group/independent activities for them to practise using algorithms.

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