Bree Skinner▸ Task 7: Visual Programming

#csertask7 Option2: These activities are an excellent way to incorporate a science lesson with a digital technology lesson involving bee bots.

"I love robots!!! Here’s a Big Bundle of BEE BOT Life Cycles! Let’s learn about Frogs, Owls, and Salmon. This product is designed to be used with a programmable BEE BOT robot. It's the perfect addition to a science center about life cycles. This aligns perfectly with Focus on K2. This BEE-BOT product includes 3 of my most popular life cycle resources. In total there are 33 picture squares sized 15cm x 15cm. Each square should be cut out and made into a BEE-BOT mat. Each resource comes with matching cards. Students will pick a card and then program the BeeBot to go to matching picture on the mat." Life Cycle BUNDLE

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