Vanessa Fogarty▸ Task 1: Introducing DTs

See below information regarding a socialized recycle program, sounds great.

The robot’s eyes appear on a tablet that sits on top of a garbage can. Its sensors determine how much of the intended product was recycled and gives credit to the family member who disposed of it. Residents of the home can compete with each other to see who recycles the most in any time period, but one of the great features of TeamGHS’s project is that households can compete with other families within their neighborhood too. This socialized recycle program takes advantage of AT&T’s data rewards and sponsored data, giving out free mobile data for those who recycle the most. As you recycle you’re rewarded with free mobile data leading to entire neighborhoods focusing on consumption reduction. This is just one example of how gamification can lead to improving the environment through sustainability.Technology to Improve Our Lives | HuffPost

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