Thea H▸ Task 2: Data- Patterns & Play

In 'Teaching Literacy in the Visible Learning Classroom' Fisher, Frey and Hattie (2017) the authors write about Power Writing (p.157 – 158). Students are given a topic and write, as much as they can, for 1 minute. This is repeated 2 more times on the same day with different topics being used each day. After each minute of writing students count the total of words they have written and circle/highlight their mistakes.
Power writing is done on a regular basis to build fluency in writing.
Students record their data after each minute for each day Power writing takes place.
It is suggested that every three or four weeks students use their data to set new goals for themselves around increasing fluency and decreasing errors. Students record their data on a table/chart.
Total words, Total sentences, Total errors, Average number of sentences and the Average number of errors over time.
Students could represent their data in various ways, using graphs for words correct and those that incorrect, use wordle or taxedo to create a visual image of their writing. Taken a little further students could analyse how many 3,4,5+letter words they use. Which words do they tend to use repeat or misspell?
Students could look for patterns in writing.
As a regular activity over the course of the year students could represent improvement over time.
As a year 5 & 6 teacher, I am planning to use the power writing routine, for the first time, with my class in 2018.

As seen in this video, class data can be recorded also and modelled by the teacher.

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