Scott Hillard▸ Task 3: Data- Representation

This is a lesson I have done with students before that deals with decoding and encoding data. Essentially students have to make their own ciphers for the english alphabet and share them with others. They can be as simple or as complicated as the students are able to comprehend. Students learn important things about decoding data, like the idea that decoding data change in difficulty depending on how 'sorted' it is when first discovered. Eg, if a child is given a cipher and then told what the sentence says in english they will find it relatively easy to work out the cyphers corresponding symbols in relation to english characters. Students also learn about the pacing of english language, for example they quickly realise that any character from the cypher that regularly appears on it's own is either 'a' or 'I'. Here is an example of a simple cypher I often use. #cserTask3

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