Rebecca Perry (Bekstar)▸ Task 1: Introducing DTs

Task 1.Option 1: I have a passion for Digital Media ever since completing Media Studies in High School. My sister and cousin also work in the media industry and since speaking with them have realised how prolific digital technology is in relation to media.

Digital media designers use integrated media to communicate messages, information, and entertainment through video games, movies, special effects, or 3-D animation. They often have a bachelor's degree in a field such as Web design, digital video production and editing, graphic design, or digital photography.Media Design combines digital technologies and design, and includes areas such as: computer game programming and design, website and app design and development, computer-generated imagery (CGI) for films, TV and games, and audio/visual communication.

The key qualifications include: Diplomas and degrees in Multimedia Design, Web Development and Design, Game Programming, Computer Graphic Design, Creative Technologies and Design Innovation.


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