Peri Forrester▸ Task 6: Algorithms & Programming

#CSER Task 6 option 2

In one of the videos for this module the suggestion was made that one student should instruct another student who is blindfolded through a maze and after discuss the kinds of instructions that helped and those that did not as a way of exploring algorithms. This appealed to me as I have facilitated just this activity with students before, so for this task I though about how I could extend and improve on this basic activity idea. Here is my idea:

The first student examines the maze and writes a set of instructions for navigating it. They may if they wish test their algorithm which is of course and important part of programming. The second student enters the space blindfolded and a third reads the instructions. The reader student may not say anything that is not written. After the three students reflect on what makes a good algorithm and roles are swapped and the maze reset.

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