Peri Forrester▸ Task 5: Information Systems

#CSER Task Five: information systems

Option 3: The Digital Technologies curriculum encourages students to 'create and share information in safe online environments'. What are some ways that you would have students sharing work and creating work online together and what tools and environments might you use? 

The first and foundational way have students sharing online is through Google Classroom which is an organizational and sharing tool designed especially for school contexts and already established in many mainstream schools. However, there are many other exciting sites that I would like to try as well. One is the DoItYourSelf Makerspace website that has a large range of projects and courses from cardboard engineering to actual programing that children can engage with and share their productions with others through. The courses claim to be free though they link to 3rd party sites that are not. The site also details its child-safe protocols. A third website that I have actually tried is the Techcellent website which has a free course called "Starting with Scratch" which has given me the skills and confidence to have a go using Scratch with students. This site uses a 'freemium' model and so while the course I have done is free if I want to use it with students I will need to pay- but it is not that expensive. Below are three links to the three sites I have mentioned here:
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