Peri Forrester▸ Task 1: Introducing DTs

#CSER Task 1 Option 2. Find an example of digital technology being used to solve a problem or an innovative digital technology. This could be a news article, a website, an image, a video or some other content. Share what you have found with a brief description in the community as to why you think this is interesting.

Here is a link to a website that My friend Eric Love has developed and maintains called Mappage. Mappage is a data visualization tool that sits uses Google Maps as its base but is overlayed with data which Eric mines mainly from the ABS. The website is not graced with a pretty interface but it does do something which surprisingly is not done by one of the big names in the digital landscape and that is marry sociological data- such as the size and locations of school along with the age demographics of a suburb and display that mashed data as an interactive map. This might be most obviously useful for school district administrators wondering where there are too many or too few school but given the breadth of sociological data it shares it might also be useful for a teacher starting at a new school in an unfamiliar location who wants to discern more about the area than the school context statement has to say. Eric has not developed the website with school in mind he records a lot of different social infrastructure, school are just one example relevant to us. Content is loading… If you are reading this and nothing …

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