Naomi Dreher▸ Task 5: Information Systems

Option 3: The Digital Technologies curriculum encourages students to 'create and share information in safe online environments'. What are some ways that you would have students sharing work and creating work online together and what tools and environments might you use?

I have groups of students using shared folders in OneDrive so that they can work synchronously and asynchronously on one set of project documents. This is a great way to get them working with file management and project management concepts as they undertake a group assignment. Most of Microsoft's Office Suite can be edited online inside OneDrive folders if students have Office 365 accounts. Other file types can be saved into OneDrive folders, however, they need to be downloaded first to the computer before they can be opened (and need to be uploaded again at the end of the lesson for storage). This system has been working well with desktop Mac machines, however, we have experienced some clunkiness and unreliability with the system on iPads. I'm going to investigate whether Google Docs works better on the iPad environments.

I also use Edmodo. It's great with primary students as it gives them a hands on and safe intro to what it's like using a social networking environment – they get really excited about it. A teacher can create groups (classes) and sub-groups then invite students to join. The teacher is effectively the site administrator allowing for authentic consequences for any inappropriate posting. From there it operates much as one would expect a social media platform to operate offering features to support posting, polling, etc. It also has an assignment feature which some people may find useful. I have used Edmodo as a way for students to share results of individual brainstorms before grouping up for an assignment.

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