Naomi Dreher▸ Task 4: Digital Systems

The idea of sub-dermal technology has been active for some time now, particularly within the medical profession – the idea is that people could have a microchip containing their medical records placed underneath their skin and thus they would be the owners of their medical records. Primarily, this would solve the current problem of there being a wide variety of medical databases in use and thus consolidating medical records can be a lengthy process for doctors and patients.

However, sub-dermal technologies have a wide variety of other proposed uses and with these uses come great benefits and great risks. Indeed, some of these ideas have been explored in science fictions such as the 2011 feature film 'In Time' or the characters collectively known as (pun intended) 'the Borg' in Star Trek.

Students could research sub-dermal technologies and perhaps choose one to focus on, or just focus on the concept in general. Then create a list of benefits and risks. Then using what they know about hardware and network technology, design their own sub-dermal implant for the future. As an extension exercise, students can be prompted to investigate how they can ensure that their device won't be hackable. for tech, the advent of subdermal devices – Flux Trends

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