Naomi Dreher▸ Task 2: Data- Patterns & Play

Option 3: If I were hosting a professional development session with colleagues, I would invite them to complete a Survey Monkey or Qualtrics survey to gather data on the different types of pets they have and how many of each. We could determine what type of data this is and for what purposes it might be gathered within a community context. Who might be interested in this data? Would it be OK to share the data with different types of groups or does information privacy have a bearing?

The data could then be analysed using the tools provided in Survey Monkey or Qualtrics, and/or we could export a file to Excel or Numbers. We could then determine how best to display the data based upon whatever purpose we had decided it be used for within the community (e.g. an annual report from a local council on pet ownership). In order to make the data more usable within the community, an infographic could be produced for public display.

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