Lisa von Bratt▸ Task 4: Digital Systems

Toys are always of high interest to students. Toys provide a great medium for tracking the impact of changing technology on people's lives (Stage 1 History). You don't even have to go back very far in history to see lots of changes. I like to get my students to bring in toys from their grandparents and parents – if they can't bring the real thing – then they can bring a photo. I also have a large number of historical toys I have collected over time to add to the collection. With these toys we make our own toy museum and label the toys with information – much like they would do in a museum. Students participate in arranging the toys into a time-line and tracking the changes. A resource I use for this unit is:

On this website I use:

The video: 100 years of Toys; The link to How toys have changed; and the interactive timeline in the main activity.

Thanks to Karl Pope's post for 'My Grandmother's Toy Box'. I will also be using this in future. History of toys

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