Lindsey Gilchrist▸ Task 6: Algorithms & Programming

Task 6 – Option 2

This is the same activity as the 'Jam Sandwich' but I use this for older / advanced students. I usually use it as an introduction lesson to Procedure writing but will now also use for algorithm lessons! I even had a student, whose brother I taught the previous year, ask if I was going to teach her how to do it!

I gather the students around a shirt and have the predict what we are going to do with it. I then silently go through the steps. The reactions have always been great!

Afterwards, in teams I have the students create a set of instructions on how to do it (and show them again if they need). When it comes time to follow their instructions, just like the jam sandwich activity, I play the devils advocate and only do what they say, which always has me flinging the shirt around in some way.


You can practise how to fold a shirt in 2 seconds from the below link (very useful!!):

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