Kristi Davies-Weir▸ Task 4: Digital Systems

Past and present technologies

Below is a Notebook I created exploring the changes in cars for a Stage 2 class. As a class students will look at photos of cars and place them along a timeline and then add corresponding dates.
We then review the correct order and discuss features of each that we can see in the photos, for example number of wheels, what is missing that your family car has, how fast do you think it might go etc.
In pairs they then pick a feature that they would like to know more about the development of, for example the speed of cars or changes in windows. They research this and then create a timeline of this features development using pictures.
This timeline is then uploaded to Seesaw and the students have to add a commentary explaining what they found out. These can then be played back to the class or downloaded and displayed.


car timeline .notebook

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