Kristi Davies-Weir▸ Task 3: Data- Representation

With Year 4 students I will have students create short videos using our iPads on the different sections of the library – what is fiction and non-fiction, what the dewey system etc. They then will turn these videos into QR codes that can be displayed in the library.
The QR codes will be used by all students, but particularly younger students during our 'Learn about the Library' search hunts. During Term 1 these hunts have students find particular types of books and record their call numbers and titles to help them understand how the library works.
Using the videos will help those kids that always confuse fiction and non-fiction up.
I also love the idea of using QR codes for book reviews in the library.
The use of QR codes is very exciting and students can see how data is represented in different ways. #csertask3

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