Kristi Davies-Weir▸ Task 2: Data- Patterns & Play

This is a great website ( that provides lesson plans but it also provides data sets like the one below. In the search box just type 'data set' and then you can filter for what year level etc.

This First Fleet data set could be used in a history class to explore patterns in our First Fleet convict populations. The spreadsheet allows you to sort by any of the attributes so you could have groups of students look at gender comparisons, type of crime, length of sentence, place of trial or even the ship they came on. The groups could then decide how to best represent this data – type of graph and then produce it.

It would interesting for the students to see the petty crimes that led to deportation and whether there were more male or female convicts.

This information could then be used for students to write a short story about an imaginary convict. #cserTask2

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