Joshua Bell▸ Task 4: Digital Systems

Inquiry Question: An Alien Spaceship from Planet Zap has landed on Earth and dropped a team of scientists onto the planet to investigate useful digital systems to take home.


You are a member of the team! As a member of the team your job is to assist in compiling a database of the most important digital systems on Planet Earth. With other members of the team, you will need to choose the most useful digital systems to take home to Planet Zap.

Task 1:

Set out on your own and think about the digital systems that have been invented by Earthlings in the last 2000 years. Which things would you like to have on your new Planet Zap? Choose 5 digital systems that you think are important.

Task 2:

Rejoin your team. You will now need to convince the other members of your team that your 5 chosen digital systems are the most important to take back to Planet Zap.

Mission control has informed you that only 3 digital systems can be taken back to Planet Zap. You and your team must agree on the final selection of 3. How will you decide?

Task 3:

When you return to Planet Zap you are full of good ideas and are keen to try a digital system of your own. Firstly you will need to find out what it takes to create a digital system.

What makes a good digital system?
Can you improve on an existing digital system

Present your findings to your team in a report. (It could be written or oral).

Task 4:

Using the design brief outline your new digital system.

Make a prototype of your invention / model / visual representation. Have fun!

We hope your mission is successful and that the inhabitants of Planet Zap make good use of your new digital system.


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  • Rebecca Vivian: Wow! What a fantastic lesson. It’s so exciting. I like the persuasive element too!

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