Joanne Butler▸ Task 6: Algorithms & Programming

Option 2: Design an activity that explores sequences of instructions. In the early years, this could be an activity that encourages children to develop skills in putting things into a logical sequence. In the older years, this could be more complex and involve students playing a game or doing an activity.
As an early childhood teacher, I have taught many lessons on giving instructions through maths and literacy lessons. This year I am excited to incorporate more digital technologies into these lessons. I will have a transition (foundation) class and plan on using Bee Bots. We will be exploring a few different ideas on how to use the Bee Bots and give them instructions to complete tasks.
Ideas include:
• Creating mazes for the Bee Bots to navigate
• Bee Bot barrier games
• Making our Bee Bots dance
• Bee Bot maths and measuring how far they move and making them follow paths
• Literacy activities where the Bee Bot interacts with our story retells

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