Jeannine Ucdereli▸ Task 1: Introducing DTs

Option 1. Find and share an example of a job or discipline area that involves some element of computing or relation to digital technologies. Share with the community what the career is or discipline-branch with a brief explanation and what interests you or questions you might want to know about this area of computing.

As I have a strong interest in health and nutrition I read a number of articles in this area. I chose the article below as I was impressed that the government was becoming more active in utilising digital technologies to help parents.
I was excited by the prospect that their focus or goal was using digital technologies to:
Engage and empower children and their families
Improve access to care for children
Support integrated care or better coordinated care for children
Enhance the quality of care through improved decision-making for care providers.

The mum Kalita's comment was so true: "Technology is now an essential part of the modern world, so it would be great if healthcare could reflect this,”


Great health and wellbeing outcomes for Australian children made possible through patient-centred and clinician-friendly digital technologies – Australian Digital Health Agency

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