Janet Austin▸ Task 7: Visual Programming

Task 7: Robots in Action
Using LEGO Mindstorm Education EV3 App the students will continue on from the last challenge of negotiating streets and reversing into a garage.

Aim: To develop a robot which can sense it's environment and respond.
I like the idea of an EV3 assisting in a simple rescue or in aiding a person with a disability. However as a class, the students can decide on a simple robotic goal using a sensor and movement together.
They then work in pairs to create an EV3 program which senses it's surroundings and responds.

Once the lesson is under way the LEGO Mindstorm app tutorials enable students to revisit visual coding skills. There are a variety of different ways to achieve the same goal and these tutorials empower the learner and minimise frustration.

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