Jane Maidment▸ Task 4: Digital Systems

With my group of children with ID I would have an emphasis on similarities between human input and output and computer input and output in a really hands on and practical way – with an emphasis on using the senses. There are any number of sensory activities that could be used as a springboard for children to communicate about how their bodies are learning about or processing the activity the activity they are doing (for example https://playtolearnpreschool.us/5-senses-activities/). This would provide a good intro to how computers can get and give information. I loved the idea of a lifesize drawing or outline of a person and adding visual or tactile representations of the various corresponding input and output methods.
I also think that to investigate how digital systems have changed over time we would probably provide lots of opportunities for children to explore a medium that they were very familiar with or motivaated b y such as video or story and set up experiences where they could investigate a range of technologies for accessing these from different times (books, talking books, online stories, ebooks, DVDs, VHS etc)
#csertask415 Fabulous Five Senses Activities for Preschoolers

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