Heather Marshall▸ Task 2: Data- Patterns & Play

#cserTask2 Making use of data.
Students in grade 6 can be very nervous about going into high school. A great way to get answers to some of their worrying questions is to brainstorm the questions and come up with a survey that can be given to grade sevens. Of course doing this through Survey monkey is one way of dealing with a survey. But my suggestion requires more hands on analysis. Each question’s answers is given to the grade 6 students working in small teams. They can read and break down the questions in their reciprocal reading groups. Colour coding their responses they can come up with a big colourful pie graph. Eg: “Is it good to have different teachers for every different subject?” Out of a total 55 students 5 declined to answer but ten said no and the rest said yes. It’s a simple pie but a powerful message. Reasons can be dealt with in a circular discussion.

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