Hayley Kopittke▸ Task 3: Data- Representation

Option 2: I found this activity on the digitaltechnologieshub ewbsite that would be easy enough for younger students to introduce the idea of binary coding. Students create their own picture using shaded squares in an 8×8 grid (or whatever size you like) – then another student takes that picture and uses '0' and '1' to create a code for each line of the picture, then a third student tries to recreate the first picture using the binary code created by the second student.

#cserTask3 www.digitaltechnologieshub.edu.au/docs/default-source/getting-started-years-5-6/binary-pictures/pixel-binary-template—completed-example.pdf?sfvrsn=0 digitaltechnologieshub.edu.au

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