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Environmental issues often cover the front pages on newspapers across the world. They’re a hot topic that the general public has really started to care about. This has resulted in growing demand for environmental products that help reduce our waste and carbon footprint. And there are plenty of effective solutions out there.

Sweden is leading the way in the new wave of waste-to-energy solutions, whereby rubbish is used as a fuel to generate power. The European country has become so efficient in the process that it’s now importing rubbish from other countries. Sweden has gone from 38% of household waste being recycled to a staggering 99% in less than 40 years.

Innovative bins that use solar energy to compact waste are now becoming more common in major towns and cities across the world, with London being a prime example of a city adopting this solution. Sustainable waste management company Solar Bins Australia, for example, uses the BigBelly Solar Compactor, which allows bins to store five times more rubbish.
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This is an amazing innovation that will have massive effects on the reduction of waste around the word and for our future generations. My worry is that these things are often expensive to implement and run…hopefully this is no the case, or once it is up and running it will become more available.Creative Solutions for the World’s Waste Problems – Australian Science

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