Danielle Bresnehan▸ Task 7: Visual Programming


Option 2
When working in an infant school a few years ago, groups of students in Prep and Year 1 created "Bee Bot World". Miniature worlds were designed and built, with each group given the same sized Masonite board (dimensions as per commercially made beet bot mats) as their starting point. The groups measured and drew a pathway/s on their board that the beet bots could be programmed to follow. Then the children built houses, forests, animals and more, depending on their miniature world theme.
Once the worlds were constructed, the boards were Joined to make a very large "Bee Bot world" play area. The students were scheduled time in groups to engage with the world and create challenges for other students to follow or play scenarios to act out. after extensive play opportunities students were asked to record solutions to the student-created challenges /problems. These solutions were then tested by others to see if the programming was accurate

This was a highly successful project which engaged all students and provided rich opportunities for learning across many areas of the curriculum.

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