Alan Cockerill▸ Task 4: Digital Systems

This is a question about computer networks, suitable for extending upper primary students, or for secondary students.
Can computing resources be shared and combined over networks, to reduce the cost of carrying out computing tasks and of developing and accessing knowledge?
Teachers will find the following article of interest:
Community computing is now being used by scientists to combine the resources of everyday computers to rival the effectiveness of supercomputers, at a small fraction of the cost. Wikipedia is a good example of the production of a mammoth resource through the cooperation. of millions of contributors.
Would it be possible to extend this model so that only relatively inexpensive computers were required in order to access a powerful shared computing resource?
Issues of access are being address by the State Library of Queensland through their Creative Community Computing program:
Emerging Era of Cooperative Empowerment: Grid, Peer-to-Peer, and Community Computing – IEEE Conference Publication In this paper we discuss an emerging trend in high performance computing-the social or community computing. The emergence of screensaver computing, grid co

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