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Option 3: Design a classroom activity that uses flow charts, such as those described in 6.6 (activity ideas). This activity uses a flow chart to help students solve a common  problem… losing their school hat. It gives some ideas on how to avoid a detention. I really loved the “You dropped food on the floor, Should you eat it?” flow chart and can see how you can have a lot of fun with flowcharts  in the classroom. With a Year 6 class I would show them a number of flow charts using the data projector.  There are so many funny ones which are appropriate for younger students that you can find on the internet.  I found this one on pinterest: Which Harry Potter character should you be for Halloween?  I would create one together with students using a simple problem that everyone can relate to eg. “I am getting ready for school and  I can’t find my school hat”. I would create the flow chart using either MS Word or Google Drawing on the data projector.  Students can copy it using pen and paper.  If they have white A4 paper in a  plastic sleeve and use a whiteboard marker, they can easily wipe out mistakes and start again. Once the flow chart is complete, you can repeat the activity with another problem.  For  student individual practice you could provide a number of ideas on which they could create their own flowcharts. Students would then present their flow charts to the class.  Later on you could explain the more formal, complex  flowcharts and what each shape and symbol means.  I have attached an example of what my “Can’t find my school hat” flowchart might look like. 

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