Sharni Finlay▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1: Share a resource (a book, story, video, song) that could be used in the classroom for a learning activity on privacy or interacting online safely – how would you use it?

I will be using the Cybersmart website with their acrostic 'THINK' to consolidate the learning we have been doing about learning online and communicating safely with others in online forums. I would go through this acrostic with students and then have them create their own acrostic as an advertisement to hang around the computer classroom. These would demonstrate points that students understand about communicating safely online.

Part 2: Top 3 Tech: What are the top 3 information services or technologies that have made the biggest difference to you or your students's lives?

The 3 that have made the biggest difference to my life are google, Facebook and youtube.
The 3 that have made the biggest difference to my students approach to learning are edmodo, google and youtube.

Part 3: What are your best keywords for a search for relevant educational technologies or lesson plans for digital technologies education? What are the worst searches you've made? Share your tips with the group!

The best keywords for a search is dependent on what you are searching. I often use lesson plan, activities, games, the year level of my students, digital technologies or search specific vocabulary. I tend not to use too many boolean operators as I can often find what I need without them. The worst search I made was the other night when I was searching for the Sheena Cameron comprehension strategy of 'making connections: text to self'. No matter what I typed into the search engine, nothing of use would appear and it continued to get more complex and left of centre.


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