Ros Peters▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part One:
I have used the Digital Passport activities by Commonsense Media with Year 4 students and found it to be engaging and age appropriate.

Part Two:
Currently my top 3 technologies are :
1. All Google services – search, gmail and all the available apps.  These allow me to access content and communicate with others.
2. Curation tools – such as Pinterest, Scoop it, Only2clicks.  These allow me to collect content and resources to meet my information needs.
3. iPad (+ iPhone) – I use these tools often, and every day.  They allow on-the-go access to information and communication services in a mobile world.

Part Three:
Having completed the Google Advanced Search course I hope that I am now a smarter searcher when using this search engine.  I use keywords and quotation marks to identify search terms.  I am also happy to change direction when predictive search results are returned . When searching for educational resources I use filetype in the search string to return pdfs or powerpoints.  I am also a fan of using the Usage Rights filter when searching for images. 
One of the advantages of this course is that I haven't felt the need to search for resources much lately as there are so many fabulous ideas shared via those on this course, so thanks everyone

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