Rachel C▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1: My first memory of internet was when i was around 13 or 14. When I started using it I guess you could say I felt similar to this toddler below! I was trying to use it but not sure how to use it properly! I remember we had dial up and the sound the modem would make when connecting to the internet. I also remember my Dad coming home upset by the fact that he couldn't ring through on to the phone line because I was on the internet! I first started using the internet for MSN messenger talking to all my friends from school. I also remember I moved away from Dads Wikipedia Software that he put on the computer and started using Google instead to complete my school assignments. I  heard a lot of things on the news about teenagers putting themselves in danger by using MSN messenger, adding people they didn't know and giving out personal details, so this made me wary. But now that i feel more educated about the internet, I don't feel as worried like I once did. I love using the internet, and would say that I use it everyday without fail! It has been a great teaching tool in the classroom and would now feel lost without it, as most others do when the internet network may be down for some reason!

Part 2: I played the game Chinese whispers with my class quite a bit in the first week of term 1, and with my reception/year 1 class the beginning sentence would always change by the time it reached the end of the circle. When I play rumors with my class i don't think i will need to get them to specifically change the sentence because it happens anyway! The sentence I would use is:
I jump in puddles when it is raining
I would us this sentence because it is currently raining a lot at the moment there are lots of puddles forming outside. It also lends itself to change quite easily! Its a great way to teach how computer networks work! #cserTask4 

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