Meagan Andrews▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Maths and Cricket.
I was inspired by an activity from Michael Ymer, where students gathered data in a ‘Cricket game’ in partners. One student is the batter, the other the bowler, and rolling a 5 is out. We also use the umpiring signs for rolling a 4 and 6 to create an exciting atmosphere and students get to do the ‘Ponting’ walk with their bat held high if they get to 50. After students have collected many batters worth of data, we creat a table with the results, and also a wagon wheel of how their best player went. Great fun for the whole class! Contact me for a lesson plan.
This photo is half way through creating the wagon wheel, students went on to decorate their pages to look like the MCG too! Students need to think of how long their line has to be (fractions) and a key to show what each colour means.


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