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Option 2: An activity that would be relevant to years 3 and 4 would be a directional game.  In the hall we have a large carpet (6m x 6m) that is black and white checkers.  I would set up an obstacle course, using soft play squares.  I would take the children to the hall and have them all sit around the carpet and obstacle course (see picture 1 of how the carpet mat may be set up).  I would have the class discuss the sort of language they would use to direct each other from one side of the mat to the other without hitting any of the objects.  Language such as straight, forward, left, right, turn, big steps, little steps, slowly and so on would be the sort of language we would begin with.  After a few attempts at this activity we may add in more complex language like 45 degrees, 90 degrees, north, south, east, west, vertical, 5 medium steps and so on.  The activity would then begin with one child being blind folded while another child gives directions.  It may not sound too complex but it is hard to direct another person especially if you are facing this person the children will have to remember that their right is the other child’s left and so on.  It is even harder to hear, understand, compute and then follow directions, especially if you can’t see.  This activity would build and reinforce the concepts of directions as well as listening skills. It is a fun activity that the children will enjoy and could be repeated several times. This activity will also support discussion on how many different ways to get around the obstacle course and from one side of the mat to the other.  It will also inspire discussion on which route may be longer or shorter or whether children have crossed back across them themselves.  The most direct route and the long way around.  To further help reinforce the skills learnt in this activity I would encourage online games that involve direction.  My favourites are at the link 

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