Chris Trimnell▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1.Specific memories of connecting to the internet – very slow, very noisy and heavily text based – not very inspiring.  Much better just to use a book! Apple  computers were the first type of computers I used in schools. Apple 2Es / Macs. Who can remember the 'Apples for Schools' campaigns? One school I was at we used to win every year and over about 4 years we set up a whole lab! 

Part 2. Rumour: "Each player should write six numbers between 20 and 40 on their paper". I would use this sentence with grades 3-6. It's an easy sentence to remember but is open ended with a huge range of possibilities for changing words and meanings. First time around the circle I would allow students to change any word. Next I would ask them to only change the numbers. It would be interesting to go back around the circle and analyse the different range of numbers created every time someone changed one number in the original message. e.g. 20-40 (20 different possible numbers / 20-60 (40 possibilities) /40-60 (back to 20 possibilities but different numbers/ 59-60 (1 possibility – but makes sentence non-sensical).  I think this would initiate an interesting conversation how just one error in recording this message across a network could have a huge impact on what players recorded and how 'the game' worked or how the game was then impossible to play! (could be adapted to any game requiring numbers e.g. bingo) #cserTask4

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