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Part 1
Passwords are a major issue in primary schools.  Students have a password that allows them access to their folder that sits on the school server.  They know that they shouldn’t give anyone the password, including their teacher.  
However, if a whole class of prep students have individual passwords, logging on can take up your whole computer lab lesson time.  Hence many lower grades have a generic password for their classes.  So the question becomes, when do you start with individual passwords?
In the upper grades, students are very familiar with the use of mobile phones and digital cameras.  There have been issues in the past with students posting photographs of other students on social media sites such as Instagram.  Regular discussions are held in the upper primary school about the school protocol of not taking photographs of other students in their school uniform.  Any of these photos taken for school assignments are to be downloaded off the camera or phone to the computer that day and then removed off the portable device before the end of the lesson.  
Each year the police talk to the upper school about cyber-safety, and they make the students aware that these photos, with people in school uniform, can add to the jigsaw of information that people can gather about them from the Internet.

Part 2 – mobile phone, pocket calculator, Google

Part 3
I don't remember searches that were successful, but I certainly remember ones that were problematic.  Many years ago I had a group of Year 6 students searching the Internet for information on the Middle Ages.  Students used two different phrases to search:  Middle Ages and Medieval Times.   One search gave very readable information and the other one was very adult wording.
Ancient Egypt used to be filled with pornographic sites.

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