Beth Rothery▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

In the beginning our Internet was dial-up with the associated tones. There was a limit on how many hours our ISP would allow and the LARGE bill we had after the first month for exceeding the monthly limit.  We learnt to become more discerning ISP selectors and tried to understand what the hours and download limits meant.  
Halfway through a research on Google and someone would call the house and the Internet would drop out – many audible screams from the computer operator.
Along with changing ISPs so regularly, I kept changing email addresses regularly until my son told me that he had a email account through a free provider where the address could stay the same.  

Task 2
Our school bell system has just changed to music.  We were assured that general messages wouldn't come over the system very often, but my class groans when we regularly hear a message like the following.
"Attention teachers.  Attention students.  Could all Year 7 students bring their plastic bags to the oval for the emu parade this afternoon."

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