Wendie Walker▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1:  After extensive discussion with students on appropriate online behaviour and safety we worked with a group of students to create a short video they could share with their peers.  This was a powerful way of sharing the messages as the other students related to the clip and were stimulated to talk about it.  It also triggered other groups of students wanting to make film clips about different aspects of online social behaviour.

Part 2: On reflection I feel the 3 technologies that has made the biggest difference to my life has been mobile phones, email and internet search engines.  I also acknowledge that these are not always such a positive thing as at times it seems I cannot escape work or  other people, however when I need to use them they have been a wonderful advancement of technology.

Part 3: When searching for information I find the most directly related words work best. When looking for curriculum information for students I like including the terms – curriculum, lesson plans, students.  Generally I can spend hours browsing the Internet and coming across a wealth of really useful ideas and content, some of which I am searching for to use immediately and other things I just put in my memory bank or save in a file to be used later.   #cserTask5 

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