Wendie Walker▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1 – my first experience with computers was 24 years ago when they were very expensive and very limited by todays standards.  I learnt how to use DOS and basic programming because there were limited software packages available to do what I wanted.  The Internet then became available in our area with a very slow connection but as I lived in a small rural town it was fantastic to open the world up and have access to information and communication without hours of travelling. When reflecting on my use of technology now I cannot image my life without the Internet!  I use it for communication, research, banking, sharing images and stories, entertainment, socially and navigation just to name a few things. It is exciting to see how technology has progressed so quickly and diversely.

Part 2 – Sentence starter "If computers have a mind of their own, what do you think they could do?"  When working with grade 3 / 4 students about technology they have vivid imaginations and it would be interesting to see if they added their own ending to this sentence.  I wouldn't feel the need to constrain word selection at this age group, however with some older groups it may be necessary. #cserTask4

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