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Option 2:
I am working with my Year 3 students on data representation in Maths presently, in our preparation for the forthcoming NAPLAN. I particularly like this link :

My young students have responded well to the multiple ways to represent the same information in differing data formats. It has helped them to experience information presentation that allows for interpretation and problem solving – moving away from merely making bar graphs.

'Lightbulb' moments are great , with certain children suddenly realising that charts, tables , tallies and graphs can be 'text types' and mathematical language, represented in many sources and subjects. Plenty of peer discussion has arisen, with my students being able to explain their understandings to each other, through turn and talk activities, in their daily learning.

Being digital, the fluid nature of this site presents data concepts in a contemporary and child friendly format. Considering that current curriculum centers heavily on data concepts in many domains, such programs are of particular benefit for younger children's concept development.


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