Tim Stephens▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Students take the quiz and we discuss the options for each question and then select an answer.
The first section is about emails, and I talk about “phishing”. Last time I did this I had just received a  phone call from “windows” saying they have detected a virus on my computer. This started a very interesting discussion.

Part 2: 
During term 1 my year 10’s used Google fusion tables and app inventor to create an android app to replace our paper student diary. The cloud services developed by Google are amazing. They just work. So for me Google products are having a huge impact on me and my students. Being able to share work and collaborate so easily is also a massive benefit. The more I use Google apps the more they impress me. My school has Microsoft 365 accounts for all staff and students and I'm starting to wonder why.
Another technology I couldn't do without is our moodle. This has changed teaching with flipped classrooms and collecting of assignments I personally have found onenote to be a fantastic product to use for developing and delivering lessons. 

Part 3: 
Best site for lesson plans and help is Britain’s Computing at school: http://community.computingatschool.org.uk/door Join it now, mountains of resources.
QSITE’s moodle where teachers are developing resources for the new digital technologies curriculum.http://moodle.qsite.edu.au/moodle/login/index.php
Java programming using Greenfoot: The greenroom: http://greenroom.greenfoot.org/door


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