Tim Stephens▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1: My first experience of the internet was in 1996 using Netscape browser and Altavista search engine to find out about the latest movie releases. The school I was at in 1995  implemented a laptop program for grades 4 to 12. My first laptop had a black and white screen and was running windows 3.0. Then in 1995/6 we upgraded to colour laptops and operating system to windows 95. I remember wasting a lot of time waiting for images to download and pages to load. Then I did a PD session on how to write <html> using notepad and AOL webpage creator(?). Students in my SOSE class then created a web page to answer the question, “Which Apollo mission was the most successful?”
Part 2:“Fifteen mischievous monkeys had pink cupcakes for morning tea”#cserTask4 

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