Tanya Nigro▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Module task
Part 1: B – One resource I have found useful is the Australian Government Cybersmart http://www.cybersmart.gov.au. for junior primary Hectors world provides videos on a number of different areas of safety and it also provides teachers with lesson plans and units of work. For middle and upper primary the site provides other resources such as Budd:e and Cyberquoll. This site also provides information for parents.

Behind the news is also another great resource for teachers to utilise. 

Part 2: Top 3 
   – Edmodo – which allows teacher, students and parents to communicate.
   – Classdojo – fantastic classroom tool that focuses on behaviour.
   – Ipad apps such as Imovie

Part 3: The first tip I teach my students every year is how to change the the reading level in search tools. By setting it to basic it allows younger students  a positive experience and success when using technology for research. In images I also like to use the search tools to change the type of image I am looking for e.g clipart. 

Some site I have found with lesson plans with technology are www.educationworld.com and http://www.everyschool.co.uk/ict-key-stage-2-internet-research.html #csertask5

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