Tahniya McKillop▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1: Share a Resource – Webonauts
This resource is a game that can be used in the classroom to review internet safety and making fair and respectful decisions with peers. It is tailored for young students and could be used as a whole class game that is played every afternoon on the interactive whiteboard in prep or an individual game in year 2 or 3. The activities consist of protecting passwords, understanding stolen property and choosing good sources when researching. 

Part 2: Top 3
– Class blogs, discussion spaces, padlet: Students' love being able to access class discussions from anywhere in the school or at home and these spaces make it simple for parents and students to have input on homework and class activities
– Websites such as National Geographic for Kids or ABC Splash – great ways to make classroom spaces interactive with videos and games
– Interactive Whiteboard Software – Being able to write straight onto powerpoints or videos and having students able to input their ideas is a fantastic way to promote engagement in the classroom, every time I have used a whiteboard all eyes are glued!

Part 3: Searching
When I search for lesson plans I tend to go straight to my favourite websites, teachers pay teachers, TES and premethian planet. I try to not restrict my searches as sometimes you find great resources where you don't expect.


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