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As I read through this module I connected with this topic. So I am writing about a worksheet I have recently used  that had the numbers 1 – 3 and a number of pictures of objects for the students to cut out and later colour. I used this with some Reception students who are at the end of their first term at Primary School. This worksheet was an activity as part of Literacy Group time. With this sheet we counted the syllables in each word (collected our data), sorted our data into the appropriate column and some of the students were able to voluntarily analyse the data. The students really enjoyed this activity; wanting to finish the sheet even though we had run out of time. We also have other activities where we sort pictures of animals or food into groups of 1, 2, 3 and 4 syllables. These hands on activities really connect with some of the students. Often the students comment on the number of cards in each group, so they are analysing the data. I'm going to look further into Scratch as I think it may provide another way to reinforce the learning. #cserTask2 

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