STEVEN COOKE▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1: We use the government "Cybersmart" website with our yr.7 students to look at online privacy. It is a fun interactive site that is useful for all ages and has some great information for parents as well. 

Part 2: My Top 3
1. Internet.  How easy is it now to find resources or ideas to help with lessons. Compared to my early years of teaching where you had to find the information in books (usually limited to the resource section of the school library).
2. Email. Simple,easy and fast way to keep in contact with anyone. I use it quite often with my yr.6 & 7 classes to give out homework, assignments, information or resources for lessons. Quick easy way for the children to also ask questions when they are at home.
3. Mobile phone. We are now (literally) never out of contact.  We can talk to each other, message each other, search for information, find locations, send & receive email, play games, watch videos . . .  and the list goes on.  We are never alone! How hard is to turn off the mobile, to not answer the phone, to not read the text/email.  Sometimes I miss the good old days pre-mobile/email when like was a bit slower and quieter.

Part 3 I like plain and simple "Google" for my searches. If I am looking for something very specific then I would run a "Google Advanced search" for the information and narrow the parameters as mush as I needed/possible for the information required.   #cserTask5  

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