Sara MacKinnon▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 2:

Top 3 Technologies that have changed my life:

#1 Mobile Technology – This has changed both mine and my students' lives, really.  For me, I love the accessibility of using my ipad or iphone anywhere at school or at home.  I love being able to walk around the room with my ipad making notes or taking pictures of students work. It has made assessment so much easier. For the kids, it means we can get hands on by taking our devices to the problem (think of the classic lesson of finding shapes or angles in the yard and taking photos), but also that we have a greater access to technology without having to lose a big portion of our classroom to a desktop setup.

#2 Cloud computing
This is really a follow on from #1, in that I love keeping my assessment data, resources etc digitally, and being to access that on any device without cords and transferring.  I'm not lugging a laptop to and from school, or worrying about finding the right cable to transfer my photos from my camera to my computer.  
Plus, my important data is much less likely to be accidentally lost when it's saved to the cloud. 

#3 Skype
This has changed my life not so much professionally but personally.  I remember a time when making an overseas phone call was difficult to do, expensive and of poor quality.  Calling my best friend in Zimbabwe for my 8th birthday was a very special treat and was capped at 15 minutes.  The ease of communicating over such long distances at practically no cost is immensely valuable, especially now that I have family living interstate and overseas.  


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